Our Services

We are located in the relatively small community of Woodstock, IL, where the Wormley Investment Group of Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. has been providing high-quality service to clients for decades. Because of our hometown values, we have very strong relationships with local CPAs and attorneys, and some of our most effective client relationships involve coordination between all aspects of our clients' financial planning needs.

Additionally, as financial advisors at an independent, privately held financial services firm, we offer full transparency and do not have proprietary product or "cross selling" quotas. Our firm truly has a client-first focus.

New Investors

We specialize in helping clients save for retirement and future education costs, using asset allocation to manage risk within a client's portfolio. Our team will also work with you to maximize the benefits in your employer retirement plans.

Planning Clients

The team has extensive experience developing and monitoring retirement plans. We perform annual strategy meetings with our clients in our office or our clients' homes.

Wealth Management

As previously mentioned, we will coordinate with tax and estate plan questions with your preferred CPA and/or attorney. We over 50 years of experience guiding our clients' financial decisions and teaching savings strategies.

Retired Clients

Many of our clients are either transitioning into retirement or have already retired, and our extensive experience allows us to help them create an effective plan to guide them through the years ahead – including the generation of income through investments, savings, and Social Security.

Endowments, Non-Profits, and Religious Organizations

We provide long-term portfolio management for endowments, non-profits, and religious organizations. We work with these orgnizations to develop a customized Investor Policy statement to guide their investment approach. Our services include asset allocation, manager selection, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Aside from the services listed above, we can also provide you with guidance in the following areas:

  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Death and divorce transitions
  • Insurance and long-term care evaluations
  • Annuity analysis
  • Business transitions
  • College savings planning
  • Investment portfolio review